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Phaze Ventures announces its Omani Startup Challenge to encourage the creation of solutions in the Energy Sector. Winners will be automatically selected to participate in the SparkLabs Energy Accelerator and will be eligible for seed investment to fund their go-to-market process. Sign up for more details.

Form a team and build a software MVP tackling a challenge within the energy sector (EDO, PDO, OQ) within the next 4 weeks.


  • Eligible for a OMR 10,000 grant to continue working on your project 

  • Admission into the SparksLabs Energy Accelerator Program to support your product development


OmanX Startup Challenge is aimed at finding the best Omani talent to solve important problems in the Omani and global corporate sectors, in particular we are looking for teams who can build software solutions to solve some of the most difficult challenges facing our corporate partners: PDO, OQ and others. 


By the end of OmanX challenge, teams should have a functional software proof of concept that they can pitch to the judges. The winning team will have a chance to further develop their concept into a minimum viable commercial product during the 6-month SparkLabs Energy Accelerator program in partnership with PDO and OQ. 



The winning team of the OmanX challenge will be admitted to 3rd cohort of the SparksLabs Energy Accelerator Program where they will be supported to further develop their concept into a minimum viable product alongside commercial partners; additionally they will be awarded a grant of OMR 10,000 to fund continued their continued development business, as well as an opportunity to receive up to OMR 100,000 in equity investment at the end of the Accelerator Program. 


What you need


  • A team of 2 - 5 people 

  • An internet connection 

  • Skills 

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